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EnviroScreen G2 2% / 5%

EnviroScreen from Verosol is a PVC-free metalized interior solar shade fabric that is available in 2% and 5% openness and woven of 100% Trevira CS polyester yarns, making the fabric inherently flame retardant. To metalize the fabric, rolls of EnviroScreen are first bathed in a solution to remove any impurities. The fabric is then passed through a vacuum chamber where pure aluminum is heated, vapourized and then bonded to the surface of the fabric forming a microscopically thin layer. The aluminum is fused to the fabric yarns and it is this patented process that gives EnviroScreen its ability to reflect up to 68% of incoming infrared heat, UV light, and visible light. Viewed from the exterior of a building, EnviroScreen fabric has an off-white appearance similar to standard white or grey shades. As the sun’s rays hit the back of EnviroScreen, light is diffused and scattered in all directions eliminating any mirror effect.
Colour Options
EnviroScreen is a colour-performance-independent fabric – meaning that unlike standard solar shade fabrics, EnviroScreen has virtually the same solar and optical performance across its entire colour range.

Colour Options:

Other metalizing processes that use spray-on coatings can clog the openings in the yarn, limit outside views, and make the aluminum coating susceptible to flaking and scuffing. Spray on coatings have also not achieved the same reflectivity compared with PVC-free fabric like EnviroScreen. By contrast, the vacuum bonding process used by Verosol to make EnviroScreen leaves fabric pores open to allow optimal amounts of light into a room while enabling occupants to see out. Non-metalized fabrics allow light to pass through the pores as well as through the yarns themselves, which causes glare, eyestrain, and heat issues for building occupants. Dark colours tend to absorb heat and radiate it into a room. The metalized layer on EnviroScreen reflects 68% of incoming infrared heat and prevents excessive UV and visible light from penetrating through the fabric weave.

The images above demonstrate how the vacuum bonding process fuses the aluminum to the fabric yarns while keeping the pores of the fabric open. By sealing the yarns with reflective aluminum, glare reduction, heat reflection, and clear and crisp outside views are achieved by allowing the correct amount of light through the fabric weave.



EnviroScreen G2 802 2% Specifications

EnviroScreen G2 805 5% Specifications


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